3D4U places your memories
in a new dimension

We once printed photos, now they stay buried in mobile phones and the virtual world.
Our 89 camera, six projector system captures a moment in time, literally in the blink of an eye and prints a memory that lasts forever.

3D4U miniatures make unique personalised gifts for everyone

  • Keep the grandchildren on your bookshelf
  • Place your family on your mantlepiece
  • Place your puppy on your desk
  • Stand on top of your own wedding cake
  • Have that baby bump on show forever


True-to-life 3D photofigurines

We print people, pets and even superheroes in full colour and rich detail. We literally freeze a moment in time and then print 3D true to life photo figurines using our state of the art technology.

360 degrees of awesome

Stepping into our Twinstant scanner is just like having a photo taken, but instead you are captured from dozens of angles all at once and takes less than a second.

With 89 cameras and six projectors, the Twinstant combines 2D data to create a full-colour 3D model of you.

After being scanned you will be able to view your 3D image online and also share it with family and friends, before you even receive your print!

Immortalise a moment

Once your 3D image is ready, it is sent to our printers for production. From there, fine layers of gypsum powder are laid down one by one and sealed together with coloured ink and glue, much like a traditional inkjet printer, bringing your 3D portrait to life.

Once your figurine is ready we will notify you by email and it will be sent direct to you.

Be your best in 3D

Our 3D printed figurines look their best when you look your best. We recommend you wear clothes with bright colours, patterns and textures. You only need to bring or wear the outfit you would like to be scanned in.

What not to wear

  • Highly reflective materials such as patent leather, polished metal, sequins, and glitter.
  • Glasses with subtle frames are difficult for the 3D camera to capture. The thicker and darker the frames, the better.
  • Hats are best avoided

Things to know

We guarantee that your 3D print will always be a delight to behold, but please be aware of the following:

  • Due to the current limitations of 3D printing technology, any item smaller than approximately 1.5 centimetres in diameter may not print. This includes fine or small pieces of jewellery, tassels, strings, etc. Extended fingers are usually an exception to this rule when printed as large figurines.
  • Be aware some details will not be as crisp as in reality. The fine aspects of a particular pattern or a tattoo, may not be captured and reproduced accurately.
  • The precise hues of your clothing and skin may not appear exactly as they do in reality, but they’ll come pretty close.

Sizes & Pricing

We offer three different sizes of figurines, but keep in mind, that like a photograph, the bigger it is the more detail it will show. Your 3D figurine includes the scan.

2 Person Print


  • 12.5 cm - $279
  • 18 cm - $399
  • 23 cm - $489

$40 provision of 3D OBJ file

3 Person Print


  • 12.5 cm - $369
  • 18 cm - $469
  • 23 cm - $599

$40 provision of 3D OBJ file

4 Person Print


  • 12.5 cm - $429
  • 18 cm - $499
  • 23 cm - $699

$40 provision of 3D OBJ file

Frequent Questions

Can't find the answer to your question below?
Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.

How long does a 3D scan take?

The 3D scanning process itself takes less than a second and once captured by our system, we process the 3D image for you to view which can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending on the backlog of scans being processed.

How soon will I receive my 3D figurine?

We send your 3D scan to our expert printer where, if needed, the scan is retouched by a 3D artist, then printed before being delivered to you. Depending on demand, this process can take up to 4 weeks, so keep that in mind if you need your print for a special occasion.

Can you make a 3D print of me if I send you photos?

Unfortunately that will not produce a figurine of excellence so it is not a service we offer. In order to give you the best quality, highly detailed 3D model, we need to capture your 3D photo in person in our Twinstant system.

What are the models made of?

The 3D figurines are created from finely powdered plaster and glue. They feel similar to a light rock. We also add a wax paper base to our models upon request so they are safe to use with food if you’d like to put them on a cake, for instance.

Do you scan young children and pets?

Yes absolutely! We welcome children and pets, but do be aware that they will need to hold relatively still for a few seconds while being scanned in our Twinstant system.

Can I bring props to the shoot?

Yes, please do. This is a recreation of you, so props like sports equipment or musical instrument can really add a whole new element to your scan and 3D figurine.

Is the scanning process safe?

Indeed it is. The Twinstant scanner uses an array of standard digital cameras and projectors and poses no risk to you, your child or pet.

How do I look after my 3D model?

While your 3D model is sealed to protect it from surface damage and is fairly robust, we suggest you treat your 3D figurine as you would a porcelain ornament and handle carefully.

Avoid leaving your figurine in direct sunlight to ensure the colour doesn’t fade over time. To ensure the colour doesn’t run or the model is weakened, keep it away from water or solvents. To clean, simply dust carefully.

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Scans & Orders

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1.Check your trash/spam folders, in case it has been detected as spam.

2. Go directly to twindom.com/customer/account/login/ and use your email address as your login and last four digits of your mobile number as your password.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at contact@3D4U.net.au or on the numbers below.